Need a caterer? I'll always love using my talents to share delicious meals with people! I'm well-versed in many culinary techniques, as well as various ethnic cuisines. I have a large repertoire of dishes from hors d'oeuvres to desserts. I can make your next event spectacular, whether it's a cocktail party, high tea, friendly gathering, a picnic at the park, or just your evening dinner! We have catered many events, including weddings, corporate events, celebratory parties, and funerals. Book me over at CJ's Delites!

It all started on a bright June morning in 2014 when I hightailed it away from over 20 years of corporate life. After years of faithful corporate service, I found myself lacking passion in my role in "corporate America". I've been cooking for friends and special events for over 20 years, so when I started considering other opportunities, it seemed natural to do the thing that I have the most passion for--cooking. I believe good food is a way to share love, as well provide nourishment.

Under the name of CJ's Cookies & Catering (known later as CJ's Delites), I started catering, which was fun and fulfilling. I've had a successful catering business serving the Inland Empire and surrounding areas in Southern California since July 2014.

Then, in March 2016, the unexpected happened; my loving husband became very ill. He spent over three months in the hospital with me by his side every day. I was so grateful for everything the nurses were doing to help him, so I brought them my cookies and other treats. I brought some hot sauce a few times, and soon they were asking for it and even wanted to pay for it. By the time my husband was discharged from the hospital in late June 2016, I knew I needed to learn how to make CJ's Sauces of Wrath Hot Sauces a viable, consistent, and sustainable product. We successfully launched our first flavor, Thee Tale of Two Chilies, on Amazon in late October 2016. To our delight, it has been warmly received and favorably reviewed by not only the hot sauce community but also foodies. In June 2017, we were even listed as #5 on Epicurious' top 20 Amazon hot sauces review

We're currently experimenting with recipes for new flavors that will be released once we get them to the level of perfection that our loyal customers desire and deserve. We've shortened our name to Sauces of Wrath and are excited about the upcoming release of a new label that better fits our brand. As this journey continues, we look forward to continuing to bring heat, flavor, and fun to your food!